Oklahoma Attractions: Fun things to do in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Okmulgee, Oklahoma - A Historical Treasure


Situated only 40 minutes south of Tulsa, Okmulgee is a small town rich with history and teaming with wildlife.
The history of Okmulgee is begins in 1868. After the Civil War, the Creek Nation began restoring order to their devastated homeland and came together in a great council to establish a capitol building. The first post office was opened on April 29, 1869, under the spelling Okmulkee. The town didn't get the name it now holds until November 15, 1883, at which time it became known as Okmulgee. Okmulgee is a creek word, oki mulgi, which means "boiling waters". The name was taken from a town in their native region, which is in present day Russell County, Alabama.

Since it's birth, Okmulgee has gone from being a small village into one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, and back again to a small, sleepy town. Remnants of Okmulgee's glorious past can be seen everywhere, from the Spanish Baroque styled Orpheam Theater, to the run down ruins of 1920's factories, from the great many mansions to the five story petroleum building in downtown.

Besides it's rich history, Okmulgee offers a quiet step into the solitude of nature. There are many great places in and around Okmulgee to immerse yourself into the serenity that can only come from nature.

Historic Districts: Downtown Okmulgee


Creek Council House Museum



Okmulgee State Park



Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge



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