Famous People in Oklahoma


Oklahoma is a state that is both fascinating and full of colorful people. Many of the great and powerful people of the United States has called Oklahoma home. From Astronauts to Actors, Athletes and Ambassadors, and yes, plenty of cowboys and Indians, Oklahoma is teeming with a rich and varied history of producing Famous Americans.

While this list of Famous Oklahomans is by no means complete, it serves as a who's who of Oklahoma. You'll find well known famous Oklahomans such as Chuck Norris and Brad Pitt, to those famous Oklahomans that aren't as well known, but still deserve a place on this list.

As you browse through this list, think about how far Oklahoma has came since 1907. Oklahoma has only been a state for little over 100 years, and yet, some of the most famous people in the world has come from here.

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